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This is very apparent to me as a teacher when you look at Matific “gamified” content. You can clearly see the strong mathematical focus for each activity. In a lot of other programs finding the “maths” within a game can be really challenging. This just means when a child is engaging with that product they aren’t really learning anything. playing Evolve, mostly on the human side and against others who got the game early playing as one of three Monsters: the Wraith, Goliath, or Kraken. I haven't played enough for a proper review just yet, but I've played at least enough to know there's something good here, games that are mostly multiplayer-based is hard to guess. There'll always be the Call of Duty releases that teens everywhere will spend every waking moment perfecting just to demolish those of us with full-time jobs and not as much patience. But then there are the Titanfalls; the games that have so much promise, and are actually tons of fun to play, but run out of steam quickly. There's a lot to figure your way around in Evolve,


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